Three current mega-trends shaping business and life are Mobile, Social, and Real-Time.
Venture capitalist, Fred Wilson, likes to think of this as the Golden Triangle of Disruption.

We like to call it our playground.





With a deep understanding of mobile user behaviour, mobile apps and geo-location, TBB will help you transform the way you engage with your tribe.

Mobile means so much more than a mobile-responsive website.

The way consumers interact with brands has fundamentally changed. The challenge lies in competing for the attention and affinity of a different type of customer, a customer who requires a different set of human-centered paths, touch points, and outcomes.

Content is no longer king; Context is.

Context means understanding in which environment your content is being consumed, and where the individual is along the journey towards engagement with you.

With a deep understanding of the Psychology of Social Transmission and the technology to listen for conversations on Social Media, TBB will help you mine the untapped treasure chest of Social Data.

Social media means so much more than gathering followers or likes on the latest 'hot' social platform.

Social transmission has been around long before Facebook and Twitter. People have shared stories with co-workers at the water cooler and passed along rumours to neighbours for hundreds of years.

A common mistake marketers have made is to use these sharing spaces for broadcasting. We believe these spaces are for listening, and then providing solutions when a relevant need is identified. The next wave of Marketing will be Marketing-on-Demand, or Marketing-as-a-Service. Savvy marketers will shift from many-to-many broadcast to one-to-one conversations.

With a deep understanding of Big Data, Machine Learning and Online Monitoring, TBB will help you filter through the noise and connect with what really matters.

Google's challenge in 1998 was to index the world's collection of largely static websites and make relevant pages readily available.

The web is no longer static.

2.5 billion pieces of content are shared each day. IBM estimates that as of June 2014 there are 2.7 zettabytes of digital data. Google can no longer index online data quickly enough.

A further disadvantage of search is that you need to know what to search for. In a sense, your customers don't know what they don't know. However, there is delight in discovery. The unexpected inspires sharing. And sharing amplifies noise, making it more and more difficult to be noticed online. The challenge is to filter through the mass of data - today's blight of infobesity - and tap into relevant news and conversations online.


While we can help strategise a solution in any of our three areas of expertise, our true sweet spot is dreaming up (and implementing) solutions which embrace all three.

Why would you build a website, when you could have an an all-in-one platform which provides feedback on what your prospects do on your website, in emails and on social media?

So, if you're sitting on a bright idea wondering where to turn, here's where the rubber meets the road.

We've set aside some time to talk to you, personally. And during that time, we'll evaluate your business and work with you collaboratively to create an immediately actionable plan to reach and exceed your goals.

There is no charge for this and there's certainly no catch. If you enjoy the conversation and get value from it, we can discuss working together long term. We're making this offer because, rather than telling you how we can help, we think it's far more meaningful if we simply help, with no expectation. And if you feel we've wasted your time in our conversation, we'll send you a check for $750.00 as compensation. Either way, you come out ahead.

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